Special Membership Offer

TEKA is offering FREE membership for a limited time!
Free initial membership for any karter who drives with TEKA who is a member of another club.
It’s important to be a member of TEKA in order to support the club through its Karting Australia endeavours.
As a club we are given more recognition the higher the number of members we have.
As of 2018, at least two members of your team must be TEKA members to earn points toward the Championship.
In addition to the above offer, we’d like to make family membership more cost effective.
Once you’ve paid for two family members in a year the 3rd and 4th are free. This reduces the yearly membership to $33 and $25 respectively.
Membership forms are available on the TEKA website, for any queries please call Justin Sydenham 0417 330229

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